CCTV Systems
  • Residential & Commercial CCTV 
  • Industrial & Explosion-proof CCTV 
  • PTZ Camera 
  • Human and Vehicle Detection CCTV 
  • License Plate Recognition CCTV  
  • Thermal CCTV
network icon
Networking Solutions
  • Home and Commercial Switches 
  • Industrial Grade Switches 
  • CAT6 LAN Cable
  • Wireless Access Points 
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Access Control Systems
  • Card Access Control
  • PIN Access Control 
  • Fingerprint Attendace and Access Control 
  • Face Recognition Access Control 
Fiber Optic Icon
Fiber Optic Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Cable Pulling 
  • Fiber Optic Termination 
  • FTTH/FTTO Services 
  • Media Converters 
  • Fiber Optic CCTV Solutions 
  • SFP and Switches 
Barrier Systems
  • Car Park Entrance and Exit Barriers 
  • Guard House Entrance and Exit Barriers
  • Estate Entrance and Exit Barriers
Autogate Icon
Auto Gate Systems
  • Automatic Swing Gate Systems 
  • Automatic Folding Gate Systems
  • Automatic Sliding Gate Systems 
  • Smart Autogate Systems
Solar System
Solar Power Systems
  • Estate Solar Powered House
  • Solar Fan and Spotlight
  • Estate Solar Powered Pump 
  • Solar Powered CCTV & Wireless Bridge 
Wireless System
Wireless Bridge AP
  • Wireless Video Transmittion 
  • Long Distance Wireless Network Bridge
  • Outdoor AP  
24H CMS icon
24 Hours CMS
  • 24 Hour Alarm Central Monitoring System 
  • Support Duress Code Reporting 
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Alarm Systems

Fiber Optic services including Fiber Optic Wiring & Switching

Fingerperint system
Fingerprint Attendance Systems

Barrier Systems for Car Park Management, Guard House Entrance Barrier

Smart Control Systems

Automatic Gate Systems including Swing Gate, Folding Gate, Sliding Gate, etc 


Solar CCTV Systems

Solar Powered CCTV Systems

Suitable for: 

Networking Systems

High Quality and High Speed Network Switches and APs 

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